Ancient mosque annihilated by Myanmar authority in Maungdaw South

February 8, 2018

AT Correspondent, Alaythankyaw

An ancient Jame mosque was demolished by Myanmar authority at Oo Daung village tract in Maungdaw south on February 6, 2018.

Source said to our correspondent, Myanmar local authority along with a gang of Rakhine extremists entered Oo Daung village tract and annihilated with big hammer and also set fire to the mosque.

Earlier, they set fire to this mosque several times but it was not burnt down and remained intact since it is a holy place, said a Rohingya religious teacher.

But this time, hundreds of Rakhine extremists with big hammers and other equipments demolished the mosque.

The mosque was built many decades ago by Rohingya Muslims as Jame mosque at Oo Daung village tract with the permission of the then Myanmar authority, said a Rohingya elderly man.

Myanmar government has still been torching the homes of Rohingya Muslims and destroying the mosques as well despite a repatriation deal of Rohingya refugees signed by both Myanmar and Bangladesh.

International intervention is a must to protect the Rohingya Muslims from systematic persecution and annihilation of Rohingyas’ mosques and houses in northern Arakan.

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