Myanmar army deployed along the Myanmar-Bangladesh border, BGB in alert position

January 9, 2018

AT Staff Report

Myanmar has deployed army along the Myanmar-Bangladesh border following the unexpected attack of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) on last Friday causing panic in northern Maungdaw.

On the other hand, Border Guard Bangladesh is also in alert position and ensuring tight security along Bangladesh-Myanmar border since the movement and deployment of Myanmar army have been increased after the attack of ARSA on military truck.

The Arrawddy quoting the statement of the spokesperson of State Councilor said, Myanmar will not sit or coordinate with any terrorist group for cease fire for the interest of the security of the country.

The security forces of Myanmar will continue their action against the anti group which conducted the attack on the army loaded truck in Northern Maungdaw. Zaw Thay also said that those who carried the attack were recognized.

On Friday at around 10:00 am, a group of armed men carried out an unexpected assault on a military carrying truck on the Maungdaw-Maungdaw North high way at Turaing injuring at least 6 military and 1 driver. The injured have been undergoing treatment at Maungdaw General Hospital.

The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army has declared that the ambush attack was carried out on the army carrying truck by ARSA. ARSA also said, it will continue attack on Myanmar brutal government forces until and unless the rights of Rohingya in Arakan are not restored or ensured.

ARSA said, “We are not terrorists. We have emerged as a group ‘ARSA’ just to protect our Rohingya from oppression of Myanmar brutal forces and to fight for the rights of Rohingya in Arakan.

The people of the world should not accept the word ‘Terrorist’ which the Myanmar brutal and terrorist government terms us. We are not terrorists. We are fighting for our legitimate rights to enjoy like other minority groups in Myanmar since we are indigenous people whose existence in Myanmar for centuries.

We the members of ARSA are conducting attack on Myanmar brutal forces and so we are responsible for the attacks but not the innocent Rohingya residents. If Myanmar has the capacity, they should attack us but not the civilians”.


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