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Rohingya influx into Bangladesh from Buthidaung newly risen up

11 October 2017

AT Staff Report

Rohingya influx from Buthidaung areas has been escalated newly as atrocities and arson attack of Myanmar armed forces and Rakhine extremists have been ongoing in Buthidaung.

According to report, more than ten thousands Rohingyas mostly from Buthidaung north and south crossed into Bangladesh through different border points of Teknaf and Naikhonchury due to ongoing barbarous atrocities of Myanmar security forces.

The Rohingya who have crossed into Bangladesh from Myanmar have taken shelter in the Balukhali new camp where they are also facing food and shelter crisis.

Despite the UN calls, the Myanmar armed forces have still been continuing brutalities against Rohingya Muslims in northern Arakan forcing tens of thousands of Rohingyas flee to Bangladesh.

More than 5, 50, 000 Rohingya refugees have fled northern Arakan to Bangladesh following crackdown of Myanmar forces since 25 August 2017.

Another report says that thousands of Rohingyas arrived to Maungdaw from various areas of Buthidaung south have stranded along the AlayThanKyaw sea beach in Maungdaw south who are not able to cross into Bangladesh due to lack of ferry boat.

They have been suffering from starvation as their food rations they brought with them ran out where they have been there for more than ten days waiting for boats to cross to Bangladesh.

A Rohingya says that they may die there if they have to live for some more days without food and shelter under the open sky waiting for ferry boats to cross into Bangladesh.

We urge international community to save us immediately, “says a Rohingya over mobile phone to Arakan Times from the crowd”.

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