Myanmar; from refuting allegations to destroying evidences of crime against humanity


By Dr.Ro Anita Schug

It is almost nearing fifth month since Myanmar military and BGP has jointly conducted ethnic cleansing of the unarmed Rohingya civilians in the name of counterinsurgency operation after October 9th. As a result, it is estimated that more than 1000 Rohingya have been killed, 3266 houses burnt to ashes,28000 internally displaced, 824 locked up, facing inhumane treatments in jails.  At least 400 women raped, more than 69,000 Rohingya were forced to cross Bangladesh border.

Myanmar government has repeatedly denied all allegations so far and has labelled all credible news /evidences to be faked. Instead of cooperating with UN led independent investigations and allowing international media an unfettered access to the lockdown areas in Rakhine state, Myanmar government continues to build ineffective commissions of enquiry one after another in which many are or were part of the Burmese Military. All previous commissions lacked credible investigations.

Recently, UNHCR has accused Myanmar of committing crimes against humanity after conducting its own investigation in Bangladesh, talking to Rohingya who have recently fled to escape horrifying atrocities since 09. 10.2016. Even UN special Rapporteur to Myanmar; Miss Yanghee Lee voiced her concern on Rohingya crisis at the end of her 5th official visit to Myanmar. Her very recent unexpected visit to Bangladesh Cox bazar area from 19-23. February.2017 shows the seriousness of the worsening crisis. There is a strong pressure to conduct a UN led investigation and even to bring the case to ICC or to the UN security council.

Recent UNHCR strong criticism, possibility of UN security council being involved and even taking perpetrators to ICC has made the Myanmar government and the military suddenly alert. There is a fear in Naypyidaw and their response is again with inappropriate actions.

Now, besides threatening and forcing NV-card on Rohingya, the government is rushing to wipe out all the evidences which link them of being involved in killings of Rohingya en masse, burning down their entire villages. The military is secretly digging the mass graves and removing the remains of innocent Rohingya men, women and children who were dumped after either being shot, slaughtered or burnt alive.

Above is the video of an entire family of two generations, who were killed by Myanmar Military and their houses razed down. Three members of this family was buried in a single grave. Now the military has dug the grave and has taken the remains of the victims to unknown places. These are one of many such cases being reported.

UN investigation team must hurry and wait no more if they wish to catch Myanmar government and the military red handed.

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I am one Rohingya, without a Home, Burma Government Expelled me from my home and land, i am trying to send all Rohingya's voice to the World to take my Human Rights

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